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There is a lot already written about Jewish history in Latvia. So we will just refer you to the this information through the links below. If you are interested in exploring this part of the Jewish history, Patricia LTD will  be pleased to assist you with your accommodations and tour arrangements while you are in Latvia. more information

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Beginning of the 1941 Terror Against the Jews in Riga Latvia

Come join "TheCeļotājs" journey through time, as we journey back to the year 1941 and the beginning of the terror of the Jews in Riga Latvia. Starting in the month of June 1941 the Jewish terror began with the Soviet Union's Deportation of prominent Jews. With the Nazi Army entering the City of Riga Latvia on 1 July 1941 the Jews terror and horror starting on the night of 3 July. First we will journey back to Moscow and the year 1939, were all this terror and horror really started with the signing of The Molotov--Ribbentrop Pact. To the viewer, Due to the amount of material being presents in "Beginning of the 1941 Terror Against the Jews in Riga Latvia" and such a short time allowed to present it, "TheCeļotājs" had to divided it into three parts and was only allowed 3.3sec per frames. "TheCeļotājs" would like to thank you for taking the time in viewing this story in its entirety. "TheCeļotājs" May 2010  view on YouTube

3 part video - watch all 3 parts
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“TheCeļotājs” - Touring Riga Latvia Is A Journey Through Time Latvija Tour Consultant Service September 5, 2010 Come and join “TheCeļotājs” and his journey through time with the many pictures of the City of Riga Latvia in May 2010 located on “TheCeļotājs” Touring Riga Latvia Blog “Latvija Tour Consultant Service” Picasa Web Albums and “TheCelotajs” YouTube Channel. 

“TheCeļotājs” has added a new play list titled: The 1941 Riga Latvia Jewish Story “The Year of Terror.”

 “TheCeļotājs” will take you back to time past to the year 1941 and the terror the Jewish people suffered during the summer and autumn of 1941. We will visit the former site of the Great Choral Synagogue that was burned down on 4 July 1941 with some 300 Jews locked inside, which has a monument, dedicated to those who died on this day, located at its former site. Moving east of Riga city centre to Biķernieku Forest, the location of where some 35,000 people, including Latvian and Western European Jews, Soviet war prisoners, and the Nazis’ political adversaries, were murdered here from July 1941 till 1944 buried in 55 mass graves. We will then move onto the former 1941 Nazi SS Riga Jewish Ghetto Area where some 35000 Riga Jews were imprisoned behind barbwire and guards in a 16 block area where living area was assigned not by the room, but by the square meter. 

As the terror continued through the summer and autumn, we come to 30 November and 8 December 1941 where under the pretext and promise of work, the Jewish groups were taken by railway cars trucks or were forced to walk carrying only a single suitcase and the cloths on their back from the Riga Ghetto to the entrance to Rumbula Forest where their lives were changed for ever. Men women children families and undesirables entered Rumbula Forest to never return. Others were Western European Jews, Soviet war prisoners, were murdered here. Located in six massive graves were 25,000 Jews, including about one thousand Jews deported from Germany, who arrived in Riga by “Railway Box Cars” on 30 November 1941 unexpectedly, were immediately taken from the “Railway Box Cars” to Rumbula Forest were they were murdered that same day. 

Moving still southeast of Riga we will come to the former Transit Camp Kurtenhof “Salaspils Concentration Camp” which is now a memorial. Salaspils Concentration Camp was established in October 1941 till its liberation in October 1944 located 18 km southeast of Riga and east of Maskavas iela. The Nazi bureaucracy drew distinctions between different types of camps. Officially, Salaspils was a Police Prison and Work Education Camp “Polezeigegfängnis und Arbeitserziehungslager” to house 15,000 deported Jews and political prisoners.

 Approximately 12,000 persons went through the camp during its existence. 2,000 to 3,000 people died here. We will also see monuments and memorials dedicated to the Victims of Kaiserwald Concentration Camp” to show where it once was. At the base of the monument that surrounds the monument are two plaques, inscribed on these plaques are these words; 


Other memorial plaque and monument are to Anna Alma Pole who gave her life for her actions. During World War II, Anna Alma Pole saved seven Jews allowing them to hide in the cellar of her house in Riga. The second monument is to Latvia's residents who sheltered Jews during the Holocaust. The names of 269 persons who harbored Jews have been engraved on the seven columns, the most famous of whom is Jānis “Žanis” Lipke. The names of 269 persons who harbored Jews have been engraved on the seven columns, the most famous of whom is Jānis “Žanis” Lipke. 

And finely to rounding out our journey through time past is the visit to the Museum “Jews in Latvia” located at Skolas iela 6 Riga Latvia. The museum is located on the second floor of the Jewish Community Building. Located in two rooms you will journey through time from the 16th century to the 20th century. The most notable room is called the “Black Room” which is dedicated to the “Beginning of the Terror Against Jews in Latvia” during World War II. 

These Albums and Videos were created by “TheCeļotājs” Latvija Tour Consultant Service from the thousands of pictures taken by “TheCeļotājs” daily adventures while exploring the City of Riga Latvia. Latvia is located along the Baltic Sea and is part of the Baltic States. 

Riga is the capital of Latvia and is located along the Daugava River which flows into the Gulf of Riga. The City of Riga was founded in 1201 by Bishop Albert. The City of Riga has buildings, churches and cathedrals that date back to the 13th century. The countries history and historical history as well as its rich culture history go back much earlier then the 13th century. One has to visit the country of Latvia to see and feel its historical history and its rich culture history. 

After you have been in Latvia for awhile, you not only can see the spirit of Latvia but you can feel the spirit of Latvia and the Latvian people. You might say you can even feel the country’s heart beat. Pictures of the City of Riga Latvia and “TheCeļotājs” daily adventures while exploring the City of Riga Latvia located on the 

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