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RIGA CITY TOUR" excursion will take place with an audio guide in 8 different languages: in Latvian, English, German, French, Finnish, Swedish, Russian and Spanish.

Excursions will take place on hop-on hop-off principle. All the passengers have the possibility to get off the bus in any chosen stop, do some sightseeing and then continue the excursion with another convenient bus. click for route map

There will be tour guide on the bus taking care of the passengers, helping them to find a suitable seat and providing them with necessary information about the stops and the sights.

Text listened from the headphones will be prepared by professionals and recorded by the corresponding native speakers. The excursion will introduce the most significant objects near the route and give an overview of the most interesting events and facts in the history of Riga and Latvia.

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Here is a drawing of       "The essential Riga"

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