On behalf of  the entire Patricia Tourist Office staff, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our Charming City of Riga and our Beautiful Country of Latvia. Our Mission is to find ways to make your stay a delightful experience!

You may be wondering  Is it safe in Riga? Well as a foreigner who has spent his life traveling the world, I have never felt safer than in Riga Latvia. However, Riga is no different than any major city in the world. There is potential for pickpockets, petty crimes, personal assaults for robbery. Be aware of your surroundings; display low-key behavior and watch out for; and avoid potential problem situations. In other words, don't go looking for trouble as trouble may find you. My personal rule of thumb is if it is dark stay away.

There are as in any major city, pickpockets and purse snatchers. Watch out for those approaching from behind and grabbing purses off the shoulders of the ladies.

BEWARE of anyone giving small coupons for FREE DRINKS. They are far from free and should be declined and not used. here is a very long list of people who have been fooled by this scam.

Also be careful of anyone approaching you on the street especially after dark and asking advice or for change. There has been a quick change SCAM operating for years where a low value currency is given back to you. They could also be inviting you to take a ride or go to a party. You may NOT enjoy the company and the consequences of such an experience.

Riga is no more safe or unsafe as any major city. When you are at home you know the local issues and places to avoid. As a visitor, you do not. So just be cautious and do not adventure if common sense tells you better.

If the area is well lighted, then it most likely should be safer than if it is not well lit.

I do complement  Riga's mayors on two things over the past several years.

1) they have spent a lot of money ......... on street lighting; and, 2) the parks are absolutely   wonderful!    All of Riga is lovely click for our photo slide show

Yes, problems do occur and you may find yourself needing assistance.

Normally, we suggest that you contact the embassy for your country in the city of Riga or in your home country by telephone. Numbers for the embassy may be found in the Riga Inn Your Pocket guide booklet, in the local telephone books, in  hotels, tourist offices and other businesses. You may also dial one of the emergency numbers listed below:

  • Tourist Hotline - Tourism Hotline - Problem Hotline 
    It is not toll free but may be called from any phone:  2 - 203 - 3000

  • EMERGENCY numbers are:  
    112  from a mobile phone

  • Fire “01”–  Police “02”– Ambulance “03”- Gas “04”    from fixed line phone

  • EMERGENCY numbers are:  Fire “01”–  Police “02”– Ambulance “03”- Gas “04”    

  • Telephone operators:  Latvian national   “116”  -   International  “115”

  • Telephone information:  “1188”  or  6-722-2222  or  6-777-0777        

  • USA’s AT&T’s Direct service access number is: 800 – 0 - 2288  (collect calls)

  • World Phone’s Access number is:  800 - 0 - 8888

  • There are excellent emergency medical and dental clinics and drug stores open 24 hours. Call  “1188”  or  “03” One drug store open 24 hours close to Galleria Centrs shopping center in Old City

  • There are several cafes and small restaurants open 24 hours. One is located at Gertrudes 54 cross street Caka.

  • Super market and shops at train station open later hours

  • Banks open on weekends may be found at the train station. Money exchange behind Hotel deRome

  • Compare rates at several money exchange points  & banks before exchanging money

  • Purchase telephone cards at newspaper stands – 2 types one for payphones and one for long distance. You may also purchase GSM chips for your mobile phones at Narvesen shops and newspaper stands

  • Also available are Mobile phones to rent by the week with low calling rates of 0.15 Ls per minute (most countries & local) with no charge for incoming calls.

Call card 3 & 5 Ls   Payphone 2 & 5 Ls   5+ Phone cards

If you have any question, please  just ASK. We will do our best to give you honest and ethical answers in a prompt timeframe. We may not know everything, but we most likely know where to find out most everything. Send us an email or go request an on-line chat from our website    –    www.latviatravel.info    www.rigalatvia.net  our 24 hour customer service 371-6-721-0180 or in the USA call   +1-214-432-5872

We look forward to welcoming you to Latvian !

Mike Johnson, General Manager


Here is a drawing of       "The essential Riga"

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