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Riga's museums

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The Occupation Museum of Latvia 1940-1991 houses an extensive collection of papers, photographs and manuscripts from the period of the Nazi and Soviet occupations of Latvia. Visitors can even walk into a reconstructed gulag barracks and catch a glimpse to the intolerable living conditions in Siberian labor camps.  more information  --  map -- hours of operation see visitors tab on left of main Internet site

The museum now has an on-line Virtual Museum with many photographs and articles from history.  click to view Virtual Museum

Click to view photo album of the museum display

The Ethnographic Open Air Museum is a place where you can see "Latvian life as it used to be lived. Set on 100 hectares of open wooded area, you can indeed visit 121 traditional objects among them a number of craftsmen's workshops.  more information  --  map

Take Auto diesel bus # 1 from Riga Center about 30 minutes  - bus listing -

Photos of:  Winter Solstice (Pagan Christmas) dancing - taken at the museum

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The History Museum of Latvia displays the evolution of Latvia and its people from the Neolithic to the 19th century. more information  --  map
The Museum of Riga’s History and Navigation is the oldest museum of Latvia, it was founded in 1773. This museum displays a collection of half a million items which give a fascinating insight into the development of Riga over the centuries.  more information  --  map
The Krisjanis Barons Memorial Museum deals with Krisjanis Barons which regarded as the father of Dainas, these Latvian folk songs. Barons made a collection of over 217,000 Dainas which have been published in six volumes.  more information  --  map


The Mentzendorff’s House is a historical house which belonged to a wealthy Riga merchant. It's worth seeing it for the 18th century frescoes and the true medieval atmosphere.  more information  --  map -- photos
The Museum of Nature : Four floors enable you to discover an extensive collection of stuffed animals imaginatively mounted. more information  --  map
The Fire Fighting Museum: History of firefighting in Latvia from the second half of the 19th century to the present. more information  --  map
Latvian Railway History Museum: Contains documents and photographs in the museum collection. Communications and signaling equipment, tools and instruments of railroad repairmen, uniforms and distinguishing badges, station interior objects, tickets and delivery notes. more information  --  map

Take tram # 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10 from Riga center to first stop across river

Riga Motor Museum: Classic limousines, cars from the garages of the Kremlin and an array of sports motorcycles. more information 

Take Auto diesel bus  # 15, 21, 105 or Trolleybus Nr 14, 18 from Riga Center about 30 minutes  - bus listing -

Address:  S. Eizensteina Street 6  --  map

Latvian Museum of Photography: Contains photographs, from those produced by historic processes of the 19th century (such as daguerrotypes), to current times. more information  --  map
Museums outside of Riga City
Rundale Palace Museum: Summer residence of the Duke of Courland Ernst Johann Biron. Built from 1736 to 1740 and from 1763 to 1768. Architect Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli. The Rundâle Palace is one of the most outstanding monuments of Baroque and Rococo art in Latvia. (2 hours south of Riga near Bauska City)   more information  --  map
Baron Munchausen (Minhauzen) :  The Baron Munchausen was a legend in his own time. A man who was capable of telling tall tales of his adventures around the world. Latvia was proud to have been one of his locations and residences. See his estate and enjoy the displays.  (1 hour North of Riga between Saulkrasti and Limbazi at Dunte )   more information  -- museum -- map
 Monkhousen Monkhausen Munkhousen
 Medieval Castles around Latvia
Latvia is studded with Medieval castle ruins,  such as castles in Turaida, Bauska and Ventspils. Most of the castles date back to13-th century and are built by knight orders. As soon as German invaders conquered some particular lands, they started to build castles on them to protect themselves from the attacks of locals. This website that we have recently found provides an excellent view into some of these castles. We recommend that you take a look.  

Medieval Castles

Castles of Latvia

Order Castles

Medieval Castle Photo Slide Show

more information:   www.sigulda.info    (Sigulda, Turaida & Krimulda Castles)


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