LIDO Restaurants
are quite a special feature of Riga
-Enjoy ice skating at LIDO Krasta Centers
A Walk around the LIDO Krasta Center


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LIDO Krasta at Christmas 2007

Lido Riga & Krasta Recreation Center

LIDO Krasta at Christmas 2006

LIDO Krasta at Christmas time

LIDO Krasta at Halloween

LIDO at the Riga airport

LIDO in the "fall time"

LIDO City Center - Dzirnavu Street

Selected LIDO Photos

The centerpiece of the LIDO Empire - the largest log house in Europe, is situated in the country, not far from Riga's Old City. The main building - a wooden three-story structure is built to look like an old  mill house.

More than one thousand visitors come here every day.

The center is an ideal place for the entire family to enjoy. Regular concerts, theatrical performances, ice skating rinks, in an amusement park like environment.  The visiting of the park is like a fairy-tale for children and adults alike.


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