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and some of its distinctive features


The Lidos

The central market


The Riga circus

The Lido chain : to stay in Riga without going in the local restaurants called "lidos" would be considered as absurd by the fine connoisseurs. A whole range of "lidos" hold in Riga's streets and even if you don't intend to eat there during your stay, don't hesitate to come into, just to taste the very traditional Latvian atmosphere : all keep a comfortable country-style décor.  more info & photos


The central market : it is one of Europe’s largest markets and also its most ancient, dating back at least to the city's info structure in 1201. Riga's market was not always so large nor was it always in its present location : currently, the central market is housed in five great Zeppelin hangars behind the train and bus stations, five huge aircraft hangars which were erected between 1924 and 1930. more photos




Amber is still among one of Latvia’s top souvenirs all the more so since it is better value here than in the rest of Europe. Amber has been a source of Baltic prosperity since the earliest times.

 The Riga circus is the only permanent circus in the Baltics and it is worth a visit for the bizarre nature of some of the acts.


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