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Riga, religious capital

A town where churches were created :



The churches of Riga are the History of Riga :

all over the centuries, a lot of different tribes and

religious unities followed one another.

The Dome Cathedral

St Peter's Church

The Orthodox Cathedral

St John's Church

St Jacob's Church

The Reformation Church

The Dome Cathedral is the largest place of worship in the Baltics and don't miss its organ which is one of the biggest in Europe (6768 pipes!). the Cathedral was founded in 1211 and its present interior dating from the 17th century. more photos






Saint Peterís Church, dating back to the 13th century, is famous for its wooden tower (unfortunately the wood was replaced by metal in recent restoration), the highest in Europe at that time. From the tower, tourists can enjoy a panoramic view of the city. more photos

more skyline photos




The Orthodox Cathedral was built between 1876 and 1884. It turned into a planetarium during the soviet era. The interior needed be renovated and rebuilt after the destruction by the Soviets during World War 2. more photos






St. Johnís Church was first known in 1297 when the church is used as the chapel of a Dominican abbey. This church is famous for the two monks who were bricked into the southern wall, they spent all their life long and were fed trough a window from the outside. more photos



St. Jacobís Church was first known in 1225. It was the first church in Latvia to hold a Lutheran service in 1522 before being returned to its Catholic flock 60 years later. more photos



The Reformation Church was built between 1727 and 1733. One of a few Calvinist churches in Latvia. Turned into a warehouse and a recording studio by the Soviets after 1805. Now it's a restaurant and it is used for some concerts. more photos



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